Friday, 23 March 2007

Jo Blogs doesn't watch tv


Anonymous said...

Why have you written 'pop pop'(maybe we could talk about get me???) on the edge of your television set? You really do have a bit of a problem Jo although I admire your courage to air your obsession about Ken. I too had an obsession but mine involved the use of bubblewrap, It is unfortunate that I have unlimited access to this wonderful material. I am in therapy. I have had to deprive myself firstly of its touch and explosive nature, then gradually its proximity. It has been tough and I will admit to sucumming on 3 occassions to the temptation of having it near me, especially when undertaking certain tasks around the home. Last Thursday I had 3 pops. But I know that relapse is a part of abstinence.

Yours popoff

Anonymous said...

I think if you look carefully, it might say "poo poo",popoff.
Bertie Bently

jo said...

In response to popoff's addiction to bubblewrap: may I suggest, as an alternataive to abstinance that you try to reduce the size of the bubble. As you are probable aware, bubble wrap comes in various sized bubbles. The smaller the bubble the less explosive the pop; however, there is an intensity about a shorter, sharper pop that can be just as gratifying as the pop acheived from the regular sized bubblewrap. The problem is, of course the supply of the small scale glass people everywhere are surely aware!